• Work with Odis service 4.0.0 or higher. Date on PC must be correct. Immobiliser 4 and 5 System Supported : Component Protection Disable, Coding, SVM, FEC Restore and Activation Function. (Radio codes and history are not supported. Flashing modules with odis service no possible online). For DSS logins you need special DSS token.
  • With monthly subscriptions they are allowed to be use with 1 computer ONLY. To be able to change computers on your account, You can buy an Hardware Unlock for New PC option from the membership area. There is not possibility to unlock computer!
  • 1 token can be used with 2 different ip addresses
  • ​​​​per hour there is limited number of logins (check your token page for limited number)
  • With 1 time token subscriptions you can use Vaglogin software on multiple computers.  One time tokens are valid for 1 hour from when you start using.
  • Be sure u close/terminate any other Proxifier program or you cannot load successfully VagLogins app
  • We monitoring usage of our customers, to prevent account stealing!! If you dont like that, dont installing our application!
  • We cannot provide 100% uptime. Logins expiring very fast and we can just try to keep them alive all time. Thanks for understanding.
  • USB sharing jobs are not permitted. Reselling is not alowed, software is for personal/company usage. All software abuses will result in a permanent ban.
  • VPN connections are not allowed. We don't like hacks!

For solving problems with application read that page

When you order tokens package go to Logins and click One time TOKEN or Brand TOKEN (depend on package)

1. Now click on »choose brand« (if u using monthly tokens, than jump that step)

2. Generate token

1. Press copy button to save token in clipboard, or manualy select token and save it to clipboard

2. Download software

Now install downloaded software on PC.

1. Find VagLogins shortcut on your Desktop and click right click on icon

2. Select properties from menu

1. Select Run this program as administrator

2. Click Apply and Ok to save value settings

1. Open VagLogins application (for usage is necessary to use only ENGLISH letters for your COMPUTER NAME)

2. Write your username

3. Paste the created token from control panel "picture 3" (you can do it by pressing CTRL + v on keyboard)

4. Press login

If you are logged successfully, Open Odis service and load needed task. When you are ready press Activate token.
From that step, token is valid 60min. You can also close software, login again and use same token again in 60min from that step!
After activation Token cannot be stopped anymore!

When Odis ask you for username and password, just press Enter Login on VagLogins software. It will log in automatically.

Vaglogin Policy

1. If anyone is caught using logger to copy our logins you will  be banned with no refund. We have system in place to report this.

2. Is your responsibility that you use software with monthly tokens only on payed computers. If we recognise usage on more computers, your subscription will be canceled immediately.


Anyone caught programming stolen parts with our system you will be removed without refund our tracking script will be logging all failed attempts from trying to program stolen parts.

To all our loyal member we would like to thank you for your support...